Recruitment Process

Job Posting

The agency will post job openings on their website, job portals, or other relevant platforms to attract potential candidates

Application Submission

Interested candidates will submit their applications, including their resumes and cover letters, through the specified channels

Resume Screening

The agency’s HR team or recruiters will review the submitted resumes to shortlist candidates who meet the basic qualifications and requirements for the position

Initial Interview

Shortlisted candidates may be contacted for an initial interview, which could be conducted over the phone, via video call, or in person. This interview aims to assess the candidate’s fit for the role and to gather more information about their skills and experience.

Assessment & Testing

Depending on the nature of the position, candidates might be asked to take skills tests, personality assessments, or other relevant evaluations to gauge their abilities.

Second Interview

Some candidates may be invited for a second or final interview. This stage often involves more in-depth discussions and may include meetings with other team members or higher-level executives

Reference Checks

The agency might conduct reference checks by reaching out to the candidate’s previous employers or professional contacts to validate their qualifications and work history

Job Offer

If the agency is satisfied with a candidate’s performance throughout the process and believes they are the best fit for the position, they will extend a job offer.


Once the candidate accepts the job offer, the onboarding process begins. This includes completing paperwork, orientation, and getting the new employee up to speed with their responsibilities and the company culture.

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